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The hidden job market is not a myth!

In fact, over 80% of available jobs are NOT advertised - and the hidden job market is the only way to access them.

If you don't know how to navigate the system, you are missing out!

This course will show you the way.


This course covers all the basics of the hidden job market: how it works, why employers love hiring from it, and how you can use it to your advantage to leap over all the job hunters who aren't using it!

What you'll get: full knowledge of the available resources and directories, scripts for getting past the gatekeepers to book interviews with employers, strategies to build your confidence and impress employers.

As a bonus, this workshop is restricted to 8 participants to ensure everyone gets one-on-one personal coaching on their individual industry and situation.

Winnie Furber - CEO, AIP Career Services

I am dedicated to helping professionals get back to work in their chosen profession.

If you are tired of sending out your resume to posting after posting and wondering if anyone is even reading it - this course is for you. Learn the secrets to getting interviews. Seats are limited to 8 to ensure time for one-on-one coaching, so register NOW - make it happen.

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